Picture Perfect Property

Picture Perfect Real Estate Photography and listing photo for real estate by klikarts photography
Picture Perfect Photography and listing photo for real estate by klikarts photography

Klikarts Photography – How to prepare your property to be a picture perfect property for photography

Clean the entire property
Turn on all lights, replace any burned out light bulbs (same color temperature)
Close all windows and open blinds/window coverings
Declutter your space by removing unneeded furniture (create open spaces)
Clear counter tops and shelves
Remove personal photographs
Remove small floor rugs
Move cars from driveways and front of the property
Close garage doors
Remove / hide trash bins
Mow grass front & back, trim trees and brushes
Remove any toys and sports equipment
Tigty up visible water hoses and empty planters and garden tools
Sweep clean cuttings and leaves
Clean pool area
Clear countertops
Remove any small appliances (toaster, kettles, coffee maker etc.)
Store dishes and put away draining rack
Hide soaps and cleaning items
Remove visible trash bins
Arrange the furniture to make room look large
Remove magazines and papers
Declutter and clean shelves and tables
Put away all remotes
Tighty up and hide loose cables
Clear countertops completely
Remove branded items such as toothpaste, soap, toothbrushes and shavers
Clean all mirrors and countertops
Hang clean fresh towels
Remove all personal items from bathtubs and showers
Clean toilet and close lid
Remove all clothes and clutter
Hide personal items
Close all closet doors
Make all beds and straighten pillows
Remove items from bedside table
Clean under bed
For your (your client’s privacy) remove all personal photographs

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