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Armenian Genocide Memorial from Expozme on Vimeo.


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Armenian Genocide Memorial

Summer of 2016 Erick Amirkhanian of Klikarts Photography a Los Angeles Aerial Drone Video studio visited Yerevan Armenia. Erick is a Drone Pilot, his photography includes drone aerial video and aerial photography of historic monuments. His stay in Yerevan, Armenia lead him to the Armenian Genocide Memorial commemorating the Genocide of Armenians in Turkey by Turks at the final days of the Ottoman Empire. April 24, 1915, more than 1.5 million women, children, elderly, intellectuals and priests were annihilated by the Turkish forces influenced and disciplined by Germans. To this day Turkey denies that the Genocide ever took place.

More that 24 countries Recognize the Armenian Genocide, they include Argentina, Lithuania, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Poland, Canada, Russia, Chile, Slovakia, Cyprus, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Uruguay, Italy, Vatican City, Lebanon, Venezuela.

This small project is presented to you by Erick Amirkhanian to remember and never forget the evil that may arise from religious extremists waging war against minorities.

Forgive but never forget.

Klikarts Photography, Los Angeles Aerial Drone Video, Drone Aerial Photography.